Solar Panel Installation In Utah

At True Energy Pros, we provide a variety of services that are based around helping families and businesses take advantages of the wonderful leaps in solar technology. We offer the following services for both residential and commercial clients…

  • Energy Efficiency Consultation: The experts who work for our company have years of experience in helping businesses and homeowners get the most savings from their solar panels. Call us for a consultation to have a True Energy Pros professional examine your home and give you educated options for moving forward.
  • Solar Panel Installation: The bread and butter of our company is the installation of SunPower solar panels. We offer timely and cost-efficient installation services to help our customers get their solar savings as quickly as possible.
  • Repair and Maintenance: If you are having any issues at all with your solar panel system, or feel that your energy savings are not what they should be, our experts can conduct routine repairs and maintenance to get your panels functioning properly, again.
  • Loan Assistance: We envision a greener Utah for everyone, and want to help as many families as possible take advantage of solar panel technology. For this reason, we offer loan assistance programs to help businesses and families with the initial solar panel installation costs.

Residential Solar Panels

Our team works hard to provide homeowners with solar panel solutions that both provide energy savings, and don’t minimize the aesthetics of a home’s exterior. We want to help build cleaner neighborhoods by showing Utah homeowners how solar panels are both a personal investment that improves the value of their home, and also a benefit to the community through the clean energy that they produce.
*Home values will only increase with a purchased system, and not with a PPA or lease system.

Commercial Solar Panels

Solar power is an investment. As such, businesses across Utah are looking at the ways that solar energy can be utilized to provide substantial savings on energy costs. In addition to the monetary savings, solar power helps solidify businesses as community-oriented companies that take meaningful steps to move towards being an environmentally sustainable business. By working together with business owners across the state, we can all build a cleaner Utah.