Washing solar panels

Whenever you make a big purchase, it’s important to factor in the incidental costs, as well. In the case of solar panels, many homeowners want to know how long those solar panels will last and what they’ll need to do themselves in order to maintain them.

After all, the roof of your house is exposed to a lot besides the sun. Dust and pollen can build up on the surface, wind storms buffet anything that isn’t tied down, and then comes the snow and ice. Here’s a general guide to solar panel maintenance that will help you determine what you need to do to keep your panels operating at their peak.

Solar Panels are Fairly Low Maintenance

Many people are surprised to learn how low-maintenance solar panels are. After all, they contain sensitive and advanced technology. However, they’re also built to hold up in the face of lots of weather exposure. Even when you get snow and ice build-up on your roof, solar panels are located to be in the sunniest and warmest spots, and so usually you can wait for things to melt without clearing them off or melting them yourself.

There are also some supplemental installations that keep your panels clear and clean without your crawling up on the roof and taking care of it yourself. Some people install a sprinkler system on the roof to wash dust and pollen off. Others have heaters or fans installed to rid the roof of snow ot leaf debris.

Read the Warranty First

First of all, it’s essential that you don’t do anything to your panels before reading the manufacturer’s manual and the warranty. Using the wrong chemical or material to clean them could void your warranty, and it’s important to follow their recommendations to a T. Even using a broom to sweep off snow could cause damage.

Here at True Energy, we’re proud to use SunTech solar panels. SunTech recommends using water (preferably filtered water free of minerals in order to minimize buildup) and a soft cloth or sponge in order to clean off panels. However, again, it’s important to read your warranty thoroughly before doing anything.

When to Call a Pro

Having a pro conduct yearly maintenance on your panels is the best way to protect your investment. During a maintenance visit, a professional will clear any debris or dust from the panels, as well as check over the attachments, wiring, and roof in order to ensure that everything is performing optimally.

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