At True Energy Pros, installing solar panels is one of the most important services that we offer. We seek to help people across the entire western United States harness the benefits of solar energy. Solar panels help businesses and homeowners reduce energy costs, raise the value of their properties, and be more ecologically friendly. Our experienced team strives to offer our clients cost-effective ways to install solar panels that give them the highest return on their investment.

Unique Installations For Unique Properties

When we do a consultation with our clients, we take into consideration the specific needs that a property has, as it pertains to solar energy. This means every installation is custom fit to perfectly adapt to the needs of these main criteria:

Energy Efficiency:

We place the installations of our solar panels so that they are optimized for maximum energy efficiency, in regard to a building’s position to the sun.

Architectural Design:

The aesthetic of your home remains important to us, as well. Our solar panels don’t just raise your home’s value because of reduced energy costs, but also because our installations purposefully add to the design of a home’s exterior.


We want solar power to be available to a wide variety of people. Everyone should be able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities of solar energy. For that reason, all of our installations are done with regard to affordability to our clients. We won’t install extraneous panels that don’t add to the efficiency of the system.

Battery Storage Installation

Solar panels are only one part of a functional solar power system. Aside from generating solar power, you also need a way to store that power. That’s why we utilize the ESS (energy storage system) battery from LG Chem.

The ESS Batterys Are Great For A Variety Of Reasons:

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  • Utilizes LG Chem’s own custom energy cells, which are designed for high energy output and long duration storage.
  • Efficient for household usage, and for custom power grids for businesses.
  • Full compatibility with thermal and wind power, in addition to your solar energy system.

EnergyLink Monitoring System

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We want all of our clients to be informed about the energy that they are saving with our solar systems. For this reason, we set up and utilize the EnergyLink app, which connects to your solar power system and gives you live data on the energy you are using from your solar panels, versus how much you are using from the grid. EnergyLink also tracks your energy savings, in monetary terms, and can be conveniently accessed from your smartphone or other devices.

More Information

At True Energy Pros, we want everyone to be informed and educated about solar power, and how it is used on homes and businesses. Our team can help you understand the following about the process of installing our systems:

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  • What our installation process entails of, from start to finish.
  • How many solar panels you should install on your home.
  • What you should do to prepare for a solar power installation.
  • Why we recommend SunPower solar panels above all other panels in the industry. (Read more here!)


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