Richfield is the largest city in Sevier County, Utah, and throughout all of south-central Utah. If Utah wants to continue to grow and be a leader in the country for emerging business and as a place to live, then all of the growth can’t be focused in northern Utah. For this reason, it is important for cities like Richfield to begin adopting renewable energy practices that prepare homeowners and businesses for future success.

Utah’s Premiere Solar Energy Company

p>True Energy Pros is one of the top solar panel installation companies throughout Utah. Our company strives to be accessible and available for cities all over the state, and not just in the northern portion. Our team works hard to provide quality solar panel services in Richfield, as we know that it has the potential to be a major leading city in the region.

Solar Services for Richfield

At True Energy Pros, we are a full-service solar panel company. This means that we offer a wide variety of services, aside from simply selling and installing solar panels. Here are some of the services that we offer to the fine people of Richfield:

  • Solar Panel Installation: Our primary service is the installation of solar panels. While we have many other services, everything that we do depends on efficient and powerful solar panel technology. Our company uses the highly-rated SunPower solar panels to ensure that every home in Richfield gets the highest possible kWh of solar energy.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Sometimes, solar panels aren’t working the way that they should. This may mean that the solar panels are broken or damaged in some way, or it may have been that they were installed wrong. For this reason, we offer responsive repair and maintenance services to get a solar energy system back up and running, again.
  • Loan Assistance: We envision a future for Utah where solar power is accessible to everyone who wants it. While there are amazing incentives to get solar energy, we also help to do our part to make this future by offering a loan assistance program to help people make the down payment for initial solar panel installation.


If you live in Richfield and are looking into potentially harnessing the amazing power of solar energy, then don’t hesitate to call our team to have a technician come out and give you a thorough consultation about what solar panels can do for your home!

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