Energy-Saving Solar Power Solutions

At True Energy Pros, we are devoted to helping businesses and families get access to energy-saving solar power that is highly affordable. Our company is comprised of people who, cumulatively, have decades of experience in the solar power industry, and are passionate about the type of future that we can build with renewable solar energy. Located in Provo, Utah, we have helped many people save energy costs for their homes and businesses, and hope to continue to help others become self-sufficient.


Our team banded together because we wanted to make a solar company that was customer first. Instead of being focused on high-cost advertising and getting big names to sponsor our company, which is something we’d been frustrated with at past companies we’d worked for, we wanted to design our company to more efficiently pass on the savings to our customers.

SunPower solar panels

Our company is a proud distributor and installer of SunPower solar panels. In all of our years of experience, SunPower is the most efficient solar panel that we’ve found, with their solar panels being able to produce 60% more energy than the industry standard, due to their maxeon quality cell technology.

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