At True Energy Pros, we take our charge to help people get access to solar energy very seriously. A very important part of that mission is to make sure that people have affordable options to utilize our top-notch solar power systems. For that reason, we have several programs to help people take advantage of the ways to pay for the upfront costs of solar panels for their homes and businesses, so that they can start take advantage of the energy savings.

Solar Financing

There are several options to finance a solar power system for homes and companies. Our team is highly knowledgeable about these options, and can help you explore any of the various options listed out below:

    • In-House Financing: We offer an in-house financing program that helps families and businesses pay for the initial costs of their solar panels over time. This enables people to pay for these costs with the money they save on their energy bills.

solar panels on house

  • Energy Efficient Mortgage: For qualifying individuals who undergo a professional energy audit, the federal government can lend out “energy efficient” mortgages that are meant to incentivize greener energy options.
  • PACE Program: Some states, including Utah, offer a PACE program (or property assessed clean energy program). This enables individuals to take loans for renewable energy upgrades, and then pay them back with higher property taxes for a period of time.

Solar Panels and Taxes

There are several ways that homeowners and businesses can justify the costs of installing a new solar panel system by considering the many different ways that solar energy (and other forms of renewable energy) can reduce their tax burden. Through tax breaks, incentives, and rebates, the government incentivizes solar energy in a variety of ways. Our team can help you identify these ways and make solar power more financially feasible.

Solar Grants

There is a large plethora of grants that are offered by the federal government, state governments, and private entities. These grants depend on where you live, your financial status, your company’s industry, or how old your home is, among many, many other factors. Our experienced team can help our customers navigate through the noise and find grants that apply to them.

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