In order to get the best results from a solar panel system at your home or business, it is important for the company installing your panels to do a thorough examination of your property and get all the information. This enables companies and consumers to make educated decisions about whether solar power is the right choice for them. At True Energy Pros, every job we do starts with a consultation that helps our consumers make the best and most informed decisions about how to proceed with harnessing solar energy.

Our Consultations Help Inform

There’s a lot of technical aspects that go into installing a solar panel system, but we understand that our clients aren’t looking to understand all the nitty-gritty details. When we conduct a thorough consultation on a home or business, we are essentially looking to inform our consumers on three main criteria:


We break down the cost per panel of a customer’s solar system so that our customers understand exactly what it is they are paying for, and what their pricing options are.


In addition to the up front costs, it’s important to know how much money a solar power system is going to save you in energy costs. Our consultations give our customers a breakdown of how much we expect our solar panels to lower their energy bill.


Solar panels can significantly change the aesthetic of a building’s exterior. For that reason, we break down different layout options for solar panel arrangements, and explain how each layout would affect the efficiency of the system.

What We Look For

Solar panels are only one part of a functional solar power system. Aside from generating solar power, you also need a way to store that power. That’s why we utilize the ESS (energy storage system) battery from LG Chem.

  • Wattage Analysis: We examine your utility meter to breakdown the average of how much electricity your property uses, each month.

  • Optimal Placement Options: We consider the construction layout of your home or business, and which direction it is facing, so that our panels are perfectly placed to maximize the efficiency of each individual panel.

  • Regional Analysis: We serve a variety of different regions around the United States, and understand that there are regional considerations, with regards to weather and permits, that must be taken into consideration during a consultation.

  • Energy Usage: With cooperation from our customers, we take the energy usage and lifestyle concerns of our clients into consideration whenever we do a consultation.

Skilled and Experienced Technicians

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The heart and soul of everything we do at True Energy Pros is our top-notch line up of solar technicians. When you request a consultation, you will meet one of our experienced technicians when they come to your home or business to do an inspection. Our staff is incredibly friendly and thoroughly educated on all things solar, so we recommend that you feel free to ask them any questions during their visits.

More Solar Panel Information

At True Energy Pros, we believe in transparency. We feel that it is in our best interest for our customers to be informed about the benefits, costs, and potential of solar energy. Our team can help you understand some of the following things about our solar consultations process:

  • How much you can expect to save with solar panels.

  • How much your geographic region impacts your solar system’s efficiency.

  • What local permits you need to worry about, if any, when it comes to solar power.

  • How we breakdown energy usage reports for our customers.

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If you are interested in utilizing the many benefits of solar energy, or have any other questions about our consultation process, then please give our team a call, today! Our staff is available to address any questions or concerns about the viability for solar power for your business or home.


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